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Head Master R. Trinidad

Master Trinidad has over 30 years experience in the Martial Arts and has been instructing since the age of 13.

Through his extensive training, Master Trinidad has won numerous competitions in both Tae Kwon Do and Open tournaments and has been presented with awards from the Martial Arts community for outstanding leadership and instruction. With a background in Physical Therapy Sports Rehab, he possesses the knowledge and technical expertise in body mechanics and movement to ensure the bodies fullest potential.

In 1998, Master Trinidad opened White Tiger Martial Arts in Wayne, NJ. Master Trinidad has dedicated himself to his students and the pursuit of Disciplined Excellence. The students of White Tiger can expect not only the best Martial Arts instruction but also a safe journey through their path to achieving their Black Belt. Master Trinidad currently holds a 5th Dan WTF certified ranking and is a NJ USTU certified Referee. His training consists of WTF Tae Kwon Do, Combat Hap Ki Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Kali / Arnis, Haedong Gumdo, JKD, and Tai Chi/Ki Gong. Master Trinidad continues to train in all facets of the Martial Arts for not only the physical aspects but also the mental attributes as well.

In 2000, Master Trinidad, along with other Masters and Instructors of NJ, founded the Council of Martial Arts Professionals, in which Masters and Instructors are given the knowledge and tools to become highly proficients teachers of the Martial Arts. The goal, to achieve and maintain the highest quality of instruction for member schools through seminars, events, and outings.

In 2008, Master Trinidad was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame as well as the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master Trinidad has accepted this prestigious honor on behalf of all the students of White Tiger Martial Arts. Our students can rest assure that they train under world class instructors

Master Ed Alves

Adult TKD, Teen MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai Instructor

4th Dan Black Belt

Over ten years experience in Martial Arts. 6 years of teaching. Instructing all levels from beginner to advanced as well as preparing candidates for their Black Belt test. Competed in various tournaments from Olympic style to Open style competitions.

Currently, helping develop training programs as well as coaching future athletes of White Tiger Martial Arts. You can often find Master Ed helping and training other students as well as leading sweat pouring classes. He is an inspiration and a role model to look up to.

"I've dedicated myself to training future Black Belts and Leaders through stringent training of the Mind and Body."

Traditional and Sport TaeKwonDo, Combat Hapkido, Kali / Arnis, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Chief Instructor Cezar Muzones

Combat Fitness Program and Adult TKD Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt

Instructor Jeremy Ereno (JC)

Beginner and BBC Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt

Assistant Instructor Michael Massola

Little Tigers Instructor

D.E.L.T.A. Team member

2nd Poom Black Belt

Guro Peter Potenciano

Doce Pares (Filipino Martial Arts) Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt

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